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                                                  Impactful Projects

                                                  Impactful Projects

                                                  Through the pursuit of research at the highest level of excellence, the college has achieved a series of achievements from several aspects. For example, “planar double enveloping toroidal worm drive”, “spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear” and “BTG water lubricated dynamic sealing non-metallic bearing device”, “Key technology and industrialization of high-efficiency transmission system based on new engineering composite materials" and "high-reliability precision filter transmission technology and system" in high performance electromechanical transmission; “new manufacturing methods for curved parts", " key technology and equipment for precision NC machining of complex modified gears” in the manufacture of complex curved surfaces; "Networked manufacturing systems and supporting technologies to support the integrated operation of production equipment", "research on domestic virtual instrument and machine testing oriented” in networked manufacturing, electromechanical measurement and control, etc. In the past 20 years, the college has won 13 national technical inventions and scientific and technological progress awards, more than 40 provincial and ministerial awards, and 5 national second-class teaching achievements.