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                                                                          Apply for professor

                                                                          Policies for Talents Recruitment

                                                                          1. Regulations on the Procedure of Recruiting High-level Academic Talents in Chongqing University (Chongqing University【2011】No. 329)

                                                                          2. Implement Scheme for the “Hundred Young Talents Recruitment Program” of Chongqing University (Trial) (Chongqing University2011No. 92)
                                                                          3. Supplementary Statement on the Implement Scheme of the “Hundred Young Talents Recruitment Program” of Chongqing University (Chongqing University
                                                                          2011No. 237)
                                                                          4. Implement Scheme for Newly Appointed Full-time Teachers in Chongqing University (Trial) (Chongqing University
                                                                          2011No. 377)


                                                                          Please refer to:

                                                                          "/" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 255); font-family: times new roman; font-size: 18px; text-decoration: underline;">http://rsc.cqu.edu.cn/service_content.jsp?urltype=news.NewsContentUrl&wbtreeid=1142&wbnewsid=1753


                                                                          Recruiting Guide


                                                                          Professors/ Associate Professor


                                                                                   • PhD graduates from domestic and international famous universities

                                                                                   • Outstanding staff of domestic and international famous universities/scientific research institutions/famous enterprises

                                                                                   • Leading talents enjoying international academic reputation in given field/young and middle-aged talents with excellent scientific attainments/young academic talents with promising future

                                                                          Hiring form:  Full-time job


                                                                                   • Salary is negotiable

                                                                          Discounted on purchasing an on-campus house

                                                                          Providing family allowance and research start-up fund


                                                                          “Hundred Talents Program” of Chongqing University


                                                                                   • PhD graduates with research and study experience in foreign universities

                                                                                   Under 40 years old

                                                                          Hiring form:  Tenure Track, lifelong tenure if passing assessment within 6 years


                                                                                   • Annual salary from 0.2 to 0.3 million

                                                                          Discounted on purchasing an 80m2 on-campus house

                                                                          Providing 0.2 million family allowance and one million research start-up fund