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                                          Upcoming Events

                                          The2nd International Conference of the Yangtze River Research and Innovation Belt (Y-RIB) on “Achieving Sustainable Development for Competitiveness”

                                          Venue:Chongqing University, Chongqing, China
                                          1st - 3rd  December 2019
                                          Centre for Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness,  

                                                      College of Mechanical Engineering, Chongqing University

                                          The Yangtze River Research and Innovation Belt (Y-RIB) Association was established  in May 2018 to achieve three folds of aims: envisioning a long-term blueprint for a state-of-the-art globalized educational and industrial environment, setting up a platform of a global educational and research strategic alliance, and meeting a growing demand for talent cultivation and joint research on transport, international logistics and trade, which are related to the Belt & Road Initiative, the river-sea inter-modal transport service, and the Yangtze River Economic Zone. Following the successful first conference in December 2018 in Zhoushan (China), the second International Conference will be held on 1st – 3rd December 2019 at Chongqing (China).This event will contribute to exchanging valuable ideas, outcomes, and information related to the above issues and to exploring opportunities and challenges in the context of the globalised economy, transport system and logistics. This Conference will also be a nexus of academia, practitioners, and policy-makers to share novel scientific research as well as innovative managerial experiences and technologies. All of your abstracts are welcomed.

                                          Conference  Keynote Speakers:

                                          Professor Heather McLaughlin is Dean of the Faculty of Business  and Law at Coventry University which is noted for its strong focus on internationalisation. Previous roles include Director of Christ Church Business School, Director of the Centre for International Transport  Management at London Metropolitan University, Head of Consultancy for   the Global Policy Research Institute, and a professional career as a Chartered Accountant. An active researcher, Heather has expertise in   international business, finance and logistics, and has served as a specialist advisor to the House of Commons Select Committee for Transport. She  is a member of the editorial board of ‘Maritime Policy and Management’ and was co-editor for 10 years from 2007-2017.

                                          Prof. Dr. Wouter Dewulf works at the department of Transport and Regional economics of the University of Antwerp (Belgium), and is currently performing research on Air Cargo Strategy, Urban Logistics and E-commerce. He also is a professor at C-MAT (Centre of Maritime and Transport Management, University of Antwerp) and is visiting professor at the University of Hasselt (Belgium) and University of Chongqing (China). He previously did research on the strategy of air cargo operators and completed a Ph.D. on ‘The Strategy of Air transport carriers, about Carpet Sellers and Cargo Stars’. After two Master studies in Applied Economics and Business Engineering at the University of Antwerp, he completed an MBA at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium).

                                          Mr. Mingming QI is the Deputy General Manager of the Department of Consulting Technology & Methodology at CISDI Engineering. He is responsible for logistics consulting business, and is a senior expert of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing-Intelligent Logistics - research arm of Chongqing's 13th Five-Year Plan Logistics Hub. He manages a range of logistics system diagnosis and optimization projects, including BaoSteel, Ba Yi Steel, Minmetals Corporation, UPV in Brazil. Mr Qi is also the expert of urban/park traffic planning, traffic flow analysis, enterprise logistics diagnosis and optimization.

                                          Conference Key Dates and Fees:

                                          Submission  of expanded abstracts 15 August, 2019 
                                          Notification of acceptance* and registration open  15 September, 2019
                                          Early Bird registration 
                                          Delegate registration fee (gala dinner included): 
                                          RMB 2100 (USD 320)
                                          Student registration fee: RMB 1200 (USD 180)
                                          Gala dinner: RMB 400 (USD 60)
                                          15 October, 2019
                                          Delegate registration fee (gala dinner included): 
                                          RMB 2500 (USD 380)
                                          Student registration fee: RMB 1400 (USD 210)
                                          Gala dinner: RMB 400 (USD 60)
                                          15 November 2019

                                          Outline Program:


                                          December 1st

                                          ·  Registration from 3:00 PM

                                          · Welcome reception from 6:30 PM


                                          December 2nd

                                          ·  Academic Keynote

                                          ·  Industrial Keynote

                                          ·  Parallel Sessions

                                          · Gala dinner


                                          December 3rd

                                          ·   Parallel Sessions

                                          ·   Conference Close

                                          Expanded  Abstract Format and Submission:

                                          Each expanded abstract contains  800 to 1,000 words including maximum 10 key references. The template file of  the expanded abstract is available on request by email to Dr Zhimei Lei at zhimeilei@cqu.edu.cn or downloaded as follows:    Template-CQ.docx

                                          The expanded abstracts should be submitted to the Conference Organiser:  zhimeilei@cqu.edu.cn

                                          Topics  of Interest (but not limited to):

                                          • Sustainability issues in shipping, port and maritime logistics
                                          • Circular economy
                                          • Sharing economy 
                                          • Multimodal transportation system planning for Yangtze River Economic Belt
                                          • River sea combined transport system
                                          • Impact of Transport Infrastructure on Regional Development
                                          • Sino-Europe railway liner
                                          • Autonomous shipping
                                          • Industry relocation and economic development of western and central provinces
                                          • Environmental issues in Yangtze-River zone development
                                          • Shipping capacities of three-gorges lock
                                          • Issues and opportunities of river cruise industry
                                          • Emerging technologies
                                          • The role of Free Trade Zones in the Yangtze River Economic Belt
                                          • Climate adaptation changes in the Yangtze River or/and around the  globe
                                          • Navigation safety 
                                          • Economies of cargo flow
                                          • Lessons from European short sea shipping

                                          Publications:  International journals (SCI/SSCI) and Book arranged for the Conference:

                                          Special Issues and Confirmations have been secured from a number of journals for our outstanding abstracts, presented at the Conference, to be invited for the corresponding full papers to be submitted for special consideration for publication, which include Resources, Conservation & Recycling (IF = 5.12), International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications (IF = 1.820), Industrial Management & Data Systems (IF = 2.948), Transport Policy (IF = 2.512), Maritime Policy & Management (IF = 1.741). Two more SSCI journals and Elsevier Book editing are to be announced.

                                          Prof. Ming K. Lim, Executive Dean of College of Mechanical Engineering, Chongqing University
                                          Prof. Zhongzhen Yang, Faculty of Maritime and Transportation, Ningbo University
                                          Prof. Ying-En Ge, Dean of College of Transport & Communications, Shanghai Maritime University
                                          Prof. Chaozhong Wu, Director of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Center, Wuhan University of Technology
                                          Prof. Paul Tae-Woo Lee, Director of Maritime Logistics and Free Trade Islands Research Center, Zhejiang University

                                          Local Organising Committee: 
                                          Prof Yu Yang (Conference Chair)
                                          Prof Xiaohui Chen (Publication Co-Chair)
                                          Dr Deng Lei (Publication Co-Chair) 
                                          Dr Qingxuan Gao (Programme Chair)
                                          Dr Wenzhu Liao (Marketing Chair)
                                          Dr Fengming Tao (Conference Management) 
                                          Dr Yun Lin (Logistics Management)
                                          Dr Lin Ni (Logistics Management)
                                          Dr Zhimei Lei (Conference Secretary)

                                          Scientific  Steering Committee
                                          Prof Kevin Cullinane, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
                                          Prof Xiaowen Fu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR
                                          Prof Kap-Hwan Kim, Pusan National University, Korea
                                          Prof Jun Yeop Lee, Inha University, Korea
                                          Prof Kevin X. Li, Zhejiang University, China
                                          Prof Qiang Meng, National University of Singapore, Singapore
                                          Prof Juan de Dios Ortuzar, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
                                          Prof Jiuh-Biing Sheu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
                                          Prof Kamonchanok Suthiwartnarueput, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
                                          Prof Xin-Ping Yan, Wuhan University of Technology, China

                                          International  Scientific Committee 
                                          Prof Yapa Mahinda Bandara, University of Moratuwa, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
                                          Prof Sergio Cavalieri, University of Bergamo, Italy 
                                          Prof Hing Kai Chan, Nottingham University Ningbo China
                                          Prof Yoon Seok Chang, Korea Aerospace University, Korea 
                                          Prof Prem Chhetri, RMIT, Australia 
                                          Prof Hyung Rim Choi, Dong-A University, Korea
                                          Prof Alain Chong, Nottingham University Ningbo, China
                                          Prof Jose Garza-Reyes, University of Derby, UK
                                          Prof Victor Gekara, RMIT University, Australia
                                          Prof Guowei Hua, Beijing Jiaotong University, China 
                                          Prof Zhi-Hua Hu, Shanghai Maritime University, China
                                          Prof Hans-Henrik Hvolby, Aalborg University, Denmark
                                          Prof Hyun-Duk Kim, Sunchon National University, Korea
                                          Prof Lenny Koh, University of Sheffield, UK
                                          Prof Cheng-Wei Lin, Kainan University, Taiwan
                                          Prof Weihua Liu, Tianjin University, China
                                          Prof Meifeng Luo, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR
                                          Prof Andrew Lyons, University of Liverpool, UK
                                          Prof Bart L. MacCarthy, University of Nottingham, UK
                                          Prof Ilkyeong Moon, Seoul National University, Korea
                                          Prof Adolf K.Y. Ng, University of Manitoba, Canada
                                          Prof Mathews Nkhoma, RMIT Vietnam, Vietnam
                                          Prof Ryuichi Shibasaki, University of Tokyo, Japan
                                          Prof Kim Tan, University of Nottingham, UK
                                          Prof Grace W. Y. Wang, Texas A&M University at Galveston, USA
                                          Prof Yuhong Wang, Ningbo University, China
                                          Prof Zaili Yang, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
                                          Prof Qingcheng Zeng, Dalian Maritime University, China
                                          Prof Ming Zhong, Wuhan University of Technology, China

                                          Co-organised by:

                                          Conference location:

                                          Days Hotel Chongqing Keyuan, No. 83 Shabeijie, Shapingba District, Chongqing


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